Coastal tour

Fly, Beach and Beer*

You want to escape from grey skies of your home countries, enjoying warm temperatures and a reliable flying season. The coastal tour is for you. This tour is perfect for beginners and experienced pilots alike. 

* There are non alcoholic solutions too! Also we don't advise fly under the influence of alcohol.

Photo credits: Damien Lecire

Our offer

£750/850€ per week per person. It includes the following:

Accommodation, breakfast and dinners are included in our offer.

Only lunch will be a supplement, simply because we want to offer you a maximum of flexibility. Food is really cheap compared to Europe so it won't be a significant expense.

We will be transporting you on a daily basis from the hotel/gite to the flying sites. We also offer retrieving you if you go cross-country.

We have touristic 4x4s which can transport 6 people with a roof gallery will meet you in Agadir. We will limit the number of participant to 10 per week.

Lift from & to the airport will be a supplement of 500dhs (£45/55€) for a one car.

We will:
* Prepare the admin side of flying in Morocco for you
* Review the forecast elements and take you to the right site for you to enjoy 
* Provide you with a SIM card just in case we need to stay in touch (we won't provide the top-ups)
* Fly with you to show you the way

There are other activities to be done in this area (at your charge):
* The Souk (traditional open market) of Tiznit to visit
* Beaches to visit and swimming
* Horse riding on the beach
* Surfing
* Quads
* Camel riding
* Swimming pool
* Spa, Massage & traditional Hammam (wet steam room)

Legzira arch by Damien Lecire

This tour is available from October to April.

Let us know your dates through our booking form and we will confirm with you.

Check our availabilities

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