Rules in Morocco

This section describes the requirements that any visiting pilot would need to meet when entering the Kingdom of Morocco to legally fly here without a guide.
As part of our tours, we would do it for you.

Before leaving

In order to fly in Morocco, you need to have an authorisation delivered by the Moroccan Civil Aviation Authority CAA (Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civil DGAC) as described in the technical order No 1535 DAC/DEA/SSA of the 14th June 2010 from the Ministry of transport and equipment. 
This authorisation will be asked when flown different sites of Morocco, especially in the Atlas.
Pre requirements to have the authorisation are detailed below.

  1. FILL THE FORMS - the following forms needs to be filled in and exported in PDF.
    Annexe 2 needs to be signed
    Annexe 4
    Copy of the passport
    Evidence of third party liability
    Evidence of pilot rating
    Filled annexes
    These documents need to be sent to the Direction Général de l'Aviation Civil DGAC (trad. CAA) to the following email address:
  4. DELAY
    These steps should be made at least 30 days before the date of the trip.

    If you don't provide all the documents, your request will be rejected without any warning. 
    You may contact the DGAC to ask where the request has gone but don't expect a prompt answer from their services. 

While your stay

You have to inform the local authorities your intention of flying the local site for safety purposes. You will need to show the authorisation delivered by the DGAC as well as the other evidences as described above. It is also good to demonstrate that you have the contact of local ambulances in case of emergency. 

  1. BEFORE YOU FLY, You need to approach the local clubs to inform them with the intention to fly. Some sites, like Tizi-N-Test doesn't have a local club.
  2. Inform the local authorities. When there isn't any clubs available, you need to approach either the Caid (government representative) or the gendarmes to share your intentions to fly. They will ask for your evidence
  3. Evidence to have with you at all time: Your passport, your pilot qualification, current third party liaibility and the authorisation from the CAA.
  4. Flying area; you are legally required to fly in the area designated for paragliding as described in the Airspace page.

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