Plage Blanche by Damien Lecire
Plage Blanche
Wagga at Plage Blance by Damien Lecire
Dunes by Damien Lecire
Photo credits: Damien Lecire

Beach, fly and fun! This is Plage Blanche, another surf and paragliding paradise.

To access the spot, you need to go as far away from the military outpost at the beginning of the road. They are not happy to see us flying in this area, but Plage Blanche is a massive area.

The road may be tricky as it involves dune driving and passing the riverbed is the most difficult point of the journey.

Site Latitude: 28.95317547502863 Heigh ASL (m):  30m
Site Longitude: -10.623569267293453 Height ASL (ft): 100ft
Wind Direction: WNW-NNW Height Top to Bottom (m):  30m
Best Direction: NW Height Top to Bottom (ft):  100ft
  • TAKE-OFF - Takeoff can be done the otherside of the river, well away from the military outpost.
  • LANDING - Landing can be performed anywhere
  • FLYING - It is a coastal site with a laminar flow. It works best with NW winds
  • HAZARDS - Some rocks need to be avoided.

Ambulance's number: 
Gendarme's number 117
Nearest hospital: Agadir

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