Guigou with Zouhair
Guigou with Zouhair
Guigou's takeoff and landing
Guigou map

Guigou is one of the most spectacular site in the Mid Atlas area. This area is one of the coldest area of Morocco, it snows every winter.

On the map above, you'll find a good part of Guigou's ridge. The parking is in the plain and the takeoff can be done anywhere on the first third up the slope. You'll be soaring back up the slope to fly this site. There is possibilities for takeoff at the top but at the moment it is only goat tracks. Landing is in the plain avoiding the oignons fields.

Site Latitude: 33.3403 Heigh ASL (m):  2200m
Site Longitude: -4.863 Height ASL (ft): 7720ft
Wind Direction: WNW-NNW Height Top to Bottom (m):  700m
Best Direction: WNW-NNW Height Top to Bottom (ft):  2300ft
  • TAKE-OFF - Takeoff will be done either the first third up the slope or from the top after following goat tracks. 
  • LANDING - Landing can be done anywhere minding cultures and lands. Take care for local powerlines
  • FLYING - The ridge is about 25km long, it is possible to takeoff at the bottom and soar all the way up to explore the whole ridge. Major powerlines are running in this region.
  • HAZARDS - This site is directly located under the Fes TMA and local aviation may take place. Please refer to the airspace panel for further informations.

Ambulance's number: 
Gendarme's number:
Nearest hospital: Ifrane

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