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Mix and match your coaching menu

You're complete beginner or you have already few hours of practice, we can always improve your skills to expend your ability to fly safer, longer and further. 

We can achieve your goals and go further towards your dreams with a good coaching session. 

At Flymorocco, we have developed a coaching "menu" to help to move towards a better and safer practice by picking the coaching items you'd like to have.


Coaching menu

We tailor coaching according to your needs and that's why we developed a menu for you. We work on coaching items that would be initially discussed with you after some observing your practices. It will allow you to manage your budget.
This course is designed for individuals to ensure that it answers to their needs.

Starting fee to review your skills and build up a tailored menu for you:

£8.5 / €10 

Coaching items

Ground Handling


One to one ground handling session of 30 min, to review and perfect your form and expend your skills.



This is a 30min theory session with a Q & A integrated. Subjects are applicable topics following the skill is being developed. 

Radio-assisted flight


We will supervise your flying and help you to achieve what you are looking for with a radio assisted flight.

Pedagogic Tandem flight


We offer a pedagogic tandem flight to improve your confidence and you skills while having an instructor strapped onto your back. You'll have control of the aircraft (except for takeoffs and landings) to realise the task you wish to practice.

I have more than 15 years of paragliding under my belt. I am a paragliding instructor for the BHPA (British Hangliding and Paragliding Association) for 7 years.

I am ready to put all my knowledge and my pedagogy to make sure you have all the tools to have a safer and more enjoyable practice.

Emilie G.




Please fill the contact for below to get in touch for a coaching "course" with dates, your paragliding experience and your expectations in your message.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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