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Tizi N'Test
Left from the takeoff
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Tizi-N-Test is a site in the high Atlas and it works like an Alpine site on the dryer side of the Atlas, facing Taroudant.

This site works with valley breeze and thermals. It can be turbulent and difficult to fly but the landing is the most technical aspect for this site.

The parking is done at the restaurant Belle-Vue. The restaurant owner will welcome you if you consume a tea or some food on that day. The takeoff is directly below the road and the restaurant. The landing is one of the flat field along the road (please see the map above). This valley is V shaped and very steep making it very difficult to land anywhere else.

To fly this site, you definitely the CAA flight authorisation as the Gendarme will come and greet you on your landing.

Site Latitude:  30.8602,  Heigh ASL (m):  2500m
Site Longitude: -8.377 Height ASL (ft):  8200ft
Wind Direction: SW Height Top to Bottom (m):  1120m
Best Direction: SW Height Top to Bottom (ft):  3680ft
  • TAKE-OFF - The takeoff is directly below the road and the restaurant, the restaurant owner will help you to locate it if you need help. It is steep and covered of gravel which makes is slippery. There are cacti around the takeoff that will catch you if you slip.
  • LANDING - The landing is NOT at the bottom of the valley but further away by the road. It is a slightly, and the only flat lands around this area. It is extremely difficult to land anywhere else in this area. The Gendarmes will wait for you at the landing to check on your authorisation.
  • FLYING - This site is in the high atlas and it has an alpine regime with valley breeze, lee side thermals, etc. 
  • HAZARDS - The takeoff and the landing are the most technical aspect of this site. 

Ambulance's number: 
Gendarme's number: 117
Nearest hospital: Marrakech

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