Terms of Flymorocco

Define the structure and purpose of Flymorocco

Flymorocco is a start up created by two passionate pilots. You can learn more about us here.

We aim to share our passion with foreign pilot who wishes to experience free flying in Morocco. We offer guiding services to pilots wishing to have a stress free authentic experience of Morocco where we would take care of everything from accommodation, flying site picking, admin and transportation.

We are not a paragliding school, we do not teach paragliding.

Although we are local experienced pilots, we expect our customers to demonstrate appropriate level of flying, the evidence of a third party liability and a personal travel insurance to fly with us.

Considering the risks associated with paragliding, we will do our best to minimise accidents through a thorough site picking and briefing. We do not accept liability in case of accident, it is one's responsibility to assess and decide to fly.

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