Nid d'Aigle by Damien Lecire
Nid d'Aigle
Cloudbase nid d'aigle by Damien Lecire
Photo credits: Damien Lecire
Map of Nid d'Aigle

One of the major paragliding site in Southern Morocco. This site works with sea breeze and thermals from the kilometre of land in front enabling cloudbase flying and cross country to Aglou (and sometimes back).

The takeoffs are by the restaurants are the top. They are private land and there is a takeoff fees for the day of 30 Dhs per person per day. There are options for restauration and accommodation. The takeoffs have parkings and easily accessible by cars or campers!

Landing can be done at the top, right down are the bottom (avoiding the crops and farm lands) or on the beach with the right glide angle (bearing in mind the power line running parallel to the road).

Site Latitude: 29.70116157262342 Heigh ASL (m):  250m
Site Longitude: -9.93080597847605 Height ASL (ft): 820ft
Wind Direction: WNW - NNW Height Top to Bottom (m):  170m
Best Direction: NW Height Top to Bottom (ft):  560ft
  • TAKE-OFF - Both takeoffs are private and there is a small daily fee of 30Dhs. Nigel's takeoff is more forgiving than the other Nid d'Aigle for beginner with a rounder and smoother longer runway end.
  • LANDING - Top land is done on the land by the Nid d'Aigle bearing in mind little turbulence by the cliff edge or on Nigel's takeoff without flying over the buildings. Bottom landing can be done by the road but this area is small and sloping away, it is not the easiest for beginners. The other option is to land by the small concrete cubic hut which is a beginner area and easier to approach.
  • FLYING - This site works with thermals and gust can be observed. The site is so popular that it can be crowded by other pilots.
  • HAZARDS - Directly down of the takeoff there are cacti that won't forgive any landing there. The site have some rough cliff edge and a good clearance should be taken while soaring close to the terrain. Small buildings of the restaurant and hotel create rotors while on a top landing approach and it is best to keep away from them. There is a small power line running by the road to be avoided. 

Ambulance's number: 
Gendarme's number: 117
Nearest hospital: Agadir

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