Aguergour is one of the most famous site in Morocco, it is located only an hour away from Marrakech. It is an easy site with a designated take off area and landing zone.

From Marrakech, take the direction to Lalla Takerkouste. Once in Lalla Takerkouste, you'll need to follow Moulay Brahim/Ouzguita direction.

Take off is accessible with a 4x4 or a high car but it can steep and tricky to access.

Two clubs operate on this site, Aguergour Eagles and Vol Libre

Map of Aguergour
Site Latitude: 31.29694 Heigh ASL (m): 1320 m
Site Longitude: -8.06532 Height ASL (ft): 4330 ft
Wind Direction: W-N Height Top to Bottom (m): 520 m
Best Direction: NW Height Top to Bottom (ft): 1706 ft
  • TAKE-OFF - There is two take-offs, two different landowners and both accessible by 4x4 or high car recommended. One on the top has a concrete hard floor which is quite smooth for the kit. The lower one accept more NNW crosswinds, it is a rough terrain, typical from Morocco, mind your line around the rocks and picking various plants!
  • LANDING - landing can be done on the ridge, at the take off and the official bottom landing is by Gîte d'Ahmed and Latifa, the land in between the road from Marrakech/Lalla Takerkouste when it splits in two. 
  • FLYING - Aguergour works mainly due to the sun and the high Atlas pull (anabatic winds), typical mountain settings. It is a soaring and thermic site. There are some thermal trigger points where it always works. The main ridge faces NW but there is a valley at the end of the ridge on the right of the take with a ridge facing NNW and also N which works well for few kilometres of soaring. The so called Magic Mountains are located the other side of the valley, they mainly work with thermals. At night, katabatic winds dominate.
    Legally, this site definitely requires an flight authorisation from the CAA. More info... Requirement - Marrakech ATC must be informed the day before of the start and the end of arial activities. Contact: BAFRA/ Marrakech 05 24 43 04 11 / 05 24 44 79 17.
  • HAZARDS - The main hazard for this site is the major powerlines crossing the landscape, pilots have to fly over them to access to the bottom landing. Extra care must be taken while ridge soaring to keep enough height when it gets lighter to be able to cross those powerlines. 
    The low land of Aguergour is a quite dry area part of the Agafay desert, dust devils are regularly observed especially when hot and dry weather - even in winter!

Ambulance number: +21261-555-1046
Gendarme number: 177
Nearest hospital: Marrakech

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