Photo credits: C-A Baverel
Imsouane map

Imsouane is a very famous surf spot with it's continuous and easy wave regime. It is less know for paragliding but there is an amazing ridge to soar.

The takeoff is easily accessible by car and the landing can be done at the top avoiding the trees, coffee truck and tourists or at the beach minding the tourists down there.

The dominant wind direction in this area is from the N or NW which makes this site NOT FLYABLE. The terrain generate rotor in the flying area /!\

Site Latitude:  30.8294 Heigh ASL (m):  300m
Site Longitude: -9.7992 Height ASL (ft):  1000ft
Wind Direction: W-SW Height Top to Bottom (m):  300m
Best Direction: W Height Top to Bottom (ft):  1000ft
  • TAKE-OFF - The top of the hill is cliff like except for the small area indicated in this page. It is recommended to takeoff were the land is smoother and rounded.
  • LANDING - Top landing is easily down when the conditions are right. The bottom landing is down on the beach as long as you avoid people as it is an extremely touristic area. The tide may completely cover the beach.
  • FLYING - The site is not often flown as the ridge direction is not ideal for the dominant winds in this area (from the North or North West).
  • HAZARDS - The cliff like top may create turbulences for takeoff and top landing, special caution need to be adopted. DO NOT FLY THIS SITE WHEN THE WIND IS NW OR N. Rotors are generated from the terrain lower down which makes the landing on the beach vary dangerous.
    TIDE: high tide goes right at the bottom of the cliff removing all the landing options on the beach. The only option left to land is a flat land on the ridge by the village.

Ambulance number: 
Gendarmes: 117
Nearest hospital: Agadir

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