M'Zouda by Toby Colombé
Takeoff by Toby Colombé
Toby Colombé flying M'zouda
Photo credits: Toby Colombé
by Toby

This site is a thermic site, there is not a lot of space for soaring. 

Parking is done just above the takeoff. The landing is done in the riverbed. 

In order to fly this site, you need to go and meet the authorities, at least the Gendarmes, before you attempt any aerial activities.

Site Latitude:  31.2138,  Heigh ASL (m):  1550m
Site Longitude:  -8.5995 Height ASL (ft): 5000ft
Wind Direction: N Height Top to Bottom (m):  750m
Best Direction: N Height Top to Bottom (ft):  2640ft
  • TAKE-OFF - The takeoff is done just below the road where you park on the top.
  • LANDING - The landing can be done in the riverbed or the field designated on the picture above. The landing area is very thermic and can be turbulent when you approach it.
  • FLYING - Before flying, you'll need to visit the Gendarmes before flying or you'll have a (nasty) surprise when you land. This site works really well with thermals. 
  • HAZARDS - This site is extremely thermic and dust devils may occur. Powerlines are extremely present in this area.

Ambulance number: 
Gendarmes number: 117
Nearest hospital: Marrakech

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