Ait Ourir
Aït Ourir
Map of Ait Ourir

Ait Ourir is an amazing site to fly. It works like Aguergour meaning that it takes the same wind orientation and mainly work with anabatic flow from Marrakech to the High Atlas behind.

Unlike Aguergour, you'll have to walk to the top to be able to take off but fortunately, it is still accessible through goat tracks as long as you're aiming to the top.

Club Illaguiss is operating in the area.

Site Latitude: 31.487861753132872,  Heigh ASL (m):  900m
Site Longitude: -7.7160358834026495 Height ASL (ft): 2950ft
Wind Direction: W-N Height Top to Bottom (m):  220m
Best Direction: N-NW-W Height Top to Bottom (ft):  720ft
  • TAKE-OFF - The takeoff is only accessible by foot after a 20 to 30min walk up through goat tracks. The ridge is very steep/cliff on most of its length and takeoff can be performed all along the ridge but there is only two area where it is relatively easy to takeoff from. The takeoff is rocky ready to catch one or two lines.
  • LANDING - There is no official landing area but most people will land on the far west where you start to walk from. You may land anywhere suitable bearing in mind that the ground is not flat at the bottom.
  • FLYING - This sites need an authorisation from the CAA and local government to fly (Free flying rules). Requirement - Marrakech ATC must be informed the day before of the start and the end of arial activities. Contact: BAFRA/ Marrakech 05 24 43 04 11 / 05 24 44 79 17. The ridge can be soared all on its length. The site is a spine ridge and will present rotors on the lee side.
  • HAZARDS - It is a rocky terrain with some toxic cacti at the bottom. There is potential scorpions hiding under rocks in this area. The site will have rotor on its lee side and it is no recommended to fly there unless you have enough clearance to fly away.

Ambulance number: +212
Nearest hospital: Marrakech

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