Ait Ourir
Aglou by Damien Lecire
Chez Aziz by Damien Lecire
Photo credits: Damien Lecire

Aglou is a great playground for paragliding pilots. It is amazing to practice ground handling, takeoffs and landings. The craziest one even practices wagga!

It is an amazing site which works all year around in Morocco especially when there is good sea breeze from NW. To access to this site you'll have to do some dune driving which include soft sands. Many vehicles get stuck there, especially when it's your first time driving around. But with extra help and some human power can take a car out of this situation.

Site Latitude: 29.845032665092635 Heigh ASL (m):  40m
Site Longitude: -9.804344074810105 Height ASL (ft): 130ft
Wind Direction: NW Height Top to Bottom (m):  40m
Best Direction: NW Height Top to Bottom (ft):  130ft
  • TAKE-OFF - Aglou is a big dune that can be flown on a very long stretch. You'll be flying over the cave house where seasonal fishing communities live. There is some local rock to avoid but it is extremely easy takeoff.
  • LANDING - Landing can be done anywhere except in the cave house terraces and gardens. It can be done at the bottom on the beach, on the slope of the dune or top landing.
  • FLYING - It is a coastal site and has a very laminar flow which make it a perfect beginner site. 
  • HAZARDS - Rocks, cave houses, vehicles. For barefoot people, sharp shells, piece of glass so not recommended!

Ambulance's number:  +212 667-902344
Gendarme's number: 117
Nearest hospital: Agadir

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