About us

The team behind Flymorocco

I run Flymorocco following my passions of paragliding and Morocco. I fly tandems in Morocco with Flymarrakech in Aguergour.
I am a French Paragliding Instructor recognised by the British Hangliding and Paragliding Association.

I left my Environmental Engineer job to get into paragliding and live & travel in my van named Toto in 2019.

I LOVE taking pictures and videos. This site is full of my pictures. I have my personal instagram account where I get to post other content than paragliding, like van conversion. 


Paragliding Instructor


Hassan is Berber to the core, paragliding is my middle name. I am a local pilot to Aguergour. My favorite game in the air is thermal flying. I enjoy the thrill of getting high and the freedom of gliding around.

I gave up my job as a carpenter to follow my dreams to work in the touristic sector, and more specifically for paragliding pilots. I now fly tandems with Flymarrakech team.

Photographer at times, I take videos and pictures that I post on my personal instagram and facebook.


Thermal lover


Ensuring the best experience with our partners

Hotel Abertih is located in Mirleft in the Souss region (originally the name of South East Morocco), is a small fisherman town. Mirleft is surfing and paragliding heaven. The Hotel Owner, Damien, is a paragliding pilot himself extremely knowledgeable regarding flying in this area.

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