Legzira by Damien Lecire
Legzira top takeoff by Damien Lecire
Legzira arch by Damien Lecire
Photo credits: Damien Lecire
Legzira map

Legzira is one of the most scenic site in Morocco. Takeoff at nearly or above cloud base, facing the sea, flying over the famous arches on the beach and land on the beach by the cafés.

Takeoff can be done either on the higher or lower areas depending on the day conditions. Access to the top takeoff can be done via a high car or a 4x4. 

There is one club operating in this area

Site Latitude: 29.439238565894456 Heigh ASL (m):  250m
Site Longitude: -10.12042883421661 Height ASL (ft): 820ft
Wind Direction: NW Height Top to Bottom (m):  250m
Best Direction: NW Height Top to Bottom (ft):  820ft
  • TAKE-OFF - There are two takeoffs depending on the day's conditions and your ability to go up the piste. Both takeoff are rocky but have been cleaned by previous pilots to minimise the damage on the wings.
  • LANDING - Top landing and landing on the beach are your options. Legzira is a very touristic area and the beach can be easily crowded especially by the cafes. More over the high tide reaches up to the foot of the cliff and cafe really limiting the landing on the beach. In this scenario, it is better to land on the top of the cliff by the arch.
  • FLYING - The top takeoff is subject to sea mist greatly reducing the visibility and disabling takeoff.
  • HAZARDS - Mist is to be considered when flying in this area. The crowd on the beach must be avoided as they have no awareness about paragliding. Scorpions live under rocks in this area and it is advised to not turn rocks.

Ambulance's number: 
Gendarme's number:
Nearest hospital: Agadir

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